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Avigo - Toshiba Tecra Portable. The New Texas instruments Avigo (PDA) is the best new electronic handheld I have seen. It not only matches the Palm Pilot or the Palm Pilot III, it surpasses it. The main reason for my review is not to repeat information on other web sites or what you can read in most PDA reviews. I suggest Texas Instruments Avigo Web Site for all the typical PDA functions. My review is based on the POWERFUL DATABASE Application available in this little powerhouse.

The PalmPilot III or any other PDA does not have this Function !!

. The Avigo does have all the basics such as, Calender, Address book, Memos, To-do lists, Expense Records, and Calculators. But it is the included DATA TABLE Function that separates this from all the other PDA's. The Avigo allows up to 8 separate Data Tables. (That's more than I need).

Note: Be careful of the reviews. Not one review mentioned the Data Table (Database Function) ! Because this unit is not very well known does not means its is not good.

Go to Lotus SmartSuite. Anyone who wants to have a shirt pocket database can easily setup a Custom Database on the Avigo. The included Avigo Synchronization software worked flawlessly. I set mine up to Synchronize with my Lotus 97 SmartSuite. Oh, by the way you can do the same thing in Office 97 & 98. All you have to do is up-grade the Puma Tech Intellisync for the Microsoft use.

The example below is for a General Surgeon's Surgery Database, but it can be anything. Other examples could be Car Sales, Antique Dealer Inventory, Baseball Records, or just about anything you would keep records for.


Surgery Database Set-up

  1. Custom Data Base Fields
    1. Patients name, address, phone, surgical procedure, pathology, outcome, referring physician, and notes.
    2. These can be setup on the Avigo or within your Database or Spreadsheet Program (Lotus97 Approach or 123). I set mine up using the Avigo.
    3. If you use the Database first, all you have to do is import it to the spreadsheet to transfer to the Avigo. (Example: I imported my Approach data to Lotus 123. Then I transferred the data to the Avigo. It took about twenty seconds).
  2. Quick - Entry List.
    1. This is a quick drop-down list you can customize and edit any time. (Below are the lists I use)
    2. City list
    3. Zip Code list
    4. Surgical Procedure list
    5. Referring Physician list
  3. Data EntryT-9 Keyboard
    1. You can enter data quickly and easily on the Avigo. The key item on the Avigo is the T9 Keyboard. It basically has a large area you can tap on to spell out a word. It recognizes the word and puts it in the field. (That is how I enter data, I find it is easier than the graffiti software on the Apple Message Pad and the Palm Pilot). I can enter 14 data fields on the Avigo in about one minute.
    2. The Quick Drop-Down Lists are a time saver for frequent entries on the Avigo.
    3. Enter data on your PC, Lap-Top, or Network. Then transfer it to the Avigo with the Intellisync.
  4. Downloading
    1. The included Serial Port Docking Station with my PC.
    2. Infrared connection with my Toshiba Tecra Portable.
    3. Both worked flawlessly with Bidirectional Data transfer within seconds.
  5. Reports and Analysis
    1. After updating the records, you can generate all kinds of special reports.
    2. How many Appendectomies I did this year in people below the age of 40.
    3. Compare Referral patterns.
    4. The age range & stage of my Breast cancer patients.
    5. The reports and analysis will help me serve my patients better.

Overall, I recommend this product without reservation. The only out of the box handheld PDA with a database function !!*
*Note: This statement refers to Handheld PDA's not Handheld PC's or Palmtop PC's that use Windows CE or Win 95 operating systems. (Example: The Toshiba Libretto Series). In accordance with the original manufacture definition of it's product.

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