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The Avigo Sketch Pad is a very useful tool. It has several unique functions. Here is what I do with this application:
  1. Writing a Quick note, Phone number, or Memo
  2. Downloading Maps
  3. Downloading Photos
  4. Drawing on the Avigo
All of the Sketches can be named & edited on the Avigo. Also, they can all be uploaded to your PC easily. Any file that is a *.bmp can be transfered to and from the Avigo. The screen size is approx. 160x180 pixels for each sketch. There is a Tool Bar on the application to add Icons, Draw Freehand, Circles, Rectagles, Lines, Fill, and Erase. The tools are similar to that found on the Win95 paint program.

. Writing a Quick Note, Phone Number, or Memo

The Sketch Pad is now my personal Post-it-note. I use it when I get paged from the office. I quickly take out the Avigo and write the number to call on the Avigo. This is very handy when your busy. The note will never get lost.

This is the most useful function of the Sketch Pad !!

Phone Number Note
One of my Notes


.Downloading Maps

It is very easy to download maps from the internet.

The Texas Instruments Web Site has the program to download FREE. I installed it and had it working in about five minutes.

You can get a map for any address in the U.S.A. They can be zoomed to 250ft, 500ft, 1000ft, 5000ft, one mile, two miles etc.

Internet Map
Philadelphia, PA
You can add (ICONS) to the map like the little house on this one.


.Downloading Photos

I find this a lot of fun. I am able to take pictures from my Kodak DC 120 Digital Camera and transfer them to the Avigo. Of course they are greyscale and 160x200 pixels but it can be done.

This is useful if you want to quickly give someone an idea of what something looks like.

Kodak DC 120 picture
Maddie & Lucky


.Drawing on the Avigo

This is another very useful part of the Avigo Sketch Pad

I am able to draw just about anything.

On the right is a sketch with driving directions. This can come in handy when you are given directions over the phone. You can draw the diagram and review it quickly.

I'll never get lost again.

Driving Directions
There are several (Icons) you can place on the drawing such as: stop light & a building.


. Data Table (Database) Review
. Avigo Review Main Page




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