Maddie's Chipmunks

Chester and Chestette

Maddie's chipmunk friends came back this spring. Maddie tried to kill these little things last year. She chased them up the rain gutter, down the driveway, and into the little holes around the house.

We call them Chester and Chestette. We think there is a boy and a girl, but we are not sure yet.

Every morning Maddie looks out the front window for the Chipmunks. They usually come around 7:30am. We know they are visiting when we hear Maddie go crazy. She starts barking, jumping at the window, and runs to the front door crying. I have their breakfast out on the doorstep by then. They also jump up on our little fountain and drink the water too.

They quickly gather the food into their pouches inside their cheeks and run home with the food. They look like little dustbuster cleaners. When they are done all the seeds are gone.

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