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"The Incredible Rusty-Man"
Hi there, here I am. My name is Rusty and I live in Simcoe, Ontario Canada. I am a proud member of the Canadian Kennel Club and my official name is "Chuli Lou." I am 4 years old. My birthday is Valentine's Day. (I'm a real lover boy!) My favourite things are car rides, walks in the park, chasing birds and playing with my best buddy Agatha. (she's a cat, but she's still pretty cool.) I love my Pedigree, but my favourite human foods are cheese and spaghetti. I'm looking forward to hearing from all you Lakies out there. So send an e-mail and one of my five humans will help me write back. Don't I look handsome in this picture? It was taken at Petsmart not that long ago. But it was really hard to sit still, there's always so much to see! Woof, woof, cyberdogs! Take care and keep surfing:)
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    This is Mojo from Vancouver, BC., Canada. Mr. Mojo is a 14 yr old Lakeland Terrier that wants to go everywhere. Here he is on a bicycle tour in the Gulf Islands off the coast of British Columbia. Mick and Christine rigged up a kiddy bike trailer so Mojo can come along. He is standing so he could catch the wind in his ears. Mojo always rides like that!!
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