Maddie having Fun

Oct. 1996

Maddie and Chu Chu are in the backyard looking for animals. Chu Chu is the Hunter; Maddie is the Chaser. Recently, a skunk dared to enter the yard. I hope they don't chase it and get sprayed by the skunk.

Maddie and Chu Chu waiting for the Trick or Treat Kids. They love barking at all the Kids that come to the door on Halloween. Actually they are looking for yummy treats.

Maddie using her PUPPY YUMMY GUMBALL MACHINE. Maddie is very good at this since she gets her yummies that way. It only took 10 minutes to teach her this trick.

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  • Maddie going for a ride in her New Chevy Blazer. She loves to look out the windshield while I drive. She wants to go to Wendy's so she can eat the fries and the pickle from my burger.

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