Maddie's Portable Computer

June 1997

Maddie's Toshiba Tecra Portable Computer

Maddie has a new portable computer. She uses it for all kinds of data. Here are two of her favorite.

Maddie is excellent at chasing animals. She has a database of all the Critters in our backyard. She just added a Baby Black Bear last week. She didn't chase the bear but it ate our neighbor's bird feeder. This summer's collection includes:

Chipmunks - Rabbits - Squirrels - Skunks - Whitetail Deer - Black Bear - Opossum - Field Mice

She likes working out in our Sunroom. That way we can watch the birds at the feeder. Maddie keeps a database of all the birds we have seen this summer. A few of the birds are:

Indigo Bunting - Cardinals - Goldfinch - Purple Finch - House Finch - Baltimore Oriole - Downy Woodpecker -Mockingbird -Starling- plus many others
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