Maddie visits Gettysbrew Pub & Brewery

August 1997

Gettysbrew (Microbrewery)

Maddie found out that a retired West Point Professor has a new microbrewery in Gettysburg. She wanted to taste the BREW ! So she stopped to visit.

Maddie had a lot of fun with Mr. Paul V. Lemley the very interesting owner of the New Gettysbrew Pub & Brewery. We had lunch, tasted the brew, and talked about the Civil War. Mr. Lemley told Maddie that his place is Dog Friendly.


The Brewery was actually a Confederate Field Hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg. Mr. Lemley even has a list of all the soldiers that were cared for at that spot after the battle.

Wall Monument

Here is a picture of the bar area inside this historic place. The Brewery opened only 8 weeks ago. The specialty brews are excellent !! If you get a chance to go to Gettysburg stop by and tell them Maddie sent you.

Pub Bar

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