Maddie's Thanksgiving

November 1997

Maddie at Plymouth Rock

Maddie went to Plymouth Rock. She wanted to see the Pilgrims and the Indians.

Maddie is at Plymouth Rock. This where the first pilgrims arrived in America. Maddie was looking for the pilgrims, indians, and turkeys.

The rock was cracked in half when someone tried to move it during the Revolutionary War. They put it together with a concrete glue.

  • Plymouth Rock - 1
  • Plymouth Rock - 2
  • Maddie at Plymouth Rock 1620

    Maddie and Vicki with the Mayflower II in the harbor. You can tour this exact reproduction of the original Mayflower.

    The Mayflower had 102 passengers when landed on Dec. 21, 1620.

  • Visit The Mayflower-excellent !
  • Visit Mayflower Society
  • Mayflower II, Maddie, Vicki

    This is the oldest grave stone on Burial Hill. We did the walking tour of Plymouth. This is one of the stops. Maddie liked walking around there.

  • Visit Plymouth Rock
  • Burial Hill

    More Pictures of Plymouth Rock

  • House overlooking the Rock
  • The Plymouth Rock
  • Burial Hill
  • The Sign
  • Mayflower II
  • Mayflower II - another photo

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