Maddie at the Veterinarian

May 1998
Maddie visits Dr. William Corbett

Maddie went to the Vet. today. She gets excited when Dr. Corbett examines her. We seem to always have a lot of fun at The Athens Animal Hospital.

Maddie had her yearly check-up. The doctor told us that she is very healthy...but Maddie should not eat too many twinkies.

Maddie is exactly 18.5 lbs. -- perfect for a Lakeland Terrier

Maddie getting an Exam

Maddie was real good giving blood for her yearly heartworm test.

Everyone at the Animal Hospital loves it when Maddie comes by. Usually she runs in the back looking for other animals.

Visit - Net Vet

Maddie getting a Blood Test !!

More pictures at the Vet !!

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