Maddie's Robins and Woodpeckers

May 1997

Baby Robin Nest

Maddie found a new Robin's Nest next to the house. Here is how she helped find the Robins.

She chased a Robin the other day. That bird was chirping like crazy. Well when I went to check it out, I found a Robin Nest in the tree next to the house. We looked in the nest and found 4 little blue-green eggs. Four days later they hatched. Here are the new Baby Robins in the nest. The bird Maddie chased I think is the Mother Robin.


May 19, 1997
If you look closely you can see the Baby Robins with their little yellow mouths open waiting for food. Their eyes are not open yet.

The next picture was taken three days later. The Baby Robins have grown fast. They now have little tiny wings with very tiny feathers. Their eyes are still not open yet. Here they are sleeping. I can only see three babies in the nest. The Mommy Robin gets real mad when I climb the ladder to take pictures.

On May 27, 1997 the Baby Robins flew away with their Mommy Robin. Nine days after being hatched.


May 22, 1997
They are the sleeping triplets Moe, Larry, and Curly


Woodpecker Nest

Maddie also found a Woodpecker Nest in the dead tree next to the house. She was jumping up this tree one day. I went over to see. A Woodpecker flew out of the top hole in the tree. The Woodpeckers in our tree are called a Common Flicker. You can tell what kind they are by the color of the wings (yellow) and a (red spot) on the back of the head. They had a nest there last year too.

I am still trying to get a picture of the Woodpeckers. They just fly out too fast.

When we had the tree cut last year we kept the pole with the Woodpecker Holes hoping they would comeback this year. They came back !!

If you look closely there are two holes. The Lower Hole had a Starling's Nest at the same time.

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