Maddie's Hummingbirds

June 1997

Ruby - Throated Hummingbirds

Maddie's Hummingbirds came back this summer !

Maddie and Vicki have been feeding the hummingbirds in the yard. There are quite a few of these interesting little birds here.

The Male Hummingbird has a red colored throat. The Female Hummingbird does not have red coloring.

They fly up to the feeder, drink the nectar, then zip away.

The hummers chase each other around the yard. They fly like dive-bombers when they come to the feeder.


June 17, 1997
Photo by Vicki

Some of the Hummingbirds are smaller than the others. They mostly feed in the early morning and late evening. But, they come all day long.

Vicki makes homemade nectar with sugar and water. We must change the nectar every three - four days.

To get the best information on the WWW about Hummingbirds go to Lanny Chamber's Hummingbird Site

hummer sign
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