The Cornfield


Miller's Cornfield of Death

. In Miller's Cornfield, the Confederates were within the stalks. The Union Artillery blasted them with shot & shell killing thousands.

When the battle was over one Union General wrote " every stalk of corn was cut as closely as could have been done with a knive, and the slain lay as they had stood in their ranks a few moments before."

Maddie in the Cornfield
The Cornfield
This area changed hands 6 times

. General Hooker was wounded in the foot, but the battle went on.

General John Bell Hood's Texans provided the the key counter-attack that helped the Confederates hold this bloody ground.

Clara Barton was also at this battle.

Clara Barton Monument
Clara Barton's Monument
Founder the American Red Cross

Maddie's Antietam Tour


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