Burnside's Bridge


The Lower Bridge (1:00-5:30pm)

. The Afternoon phase of the battle took place at the famous Burnside Bridge. The fighting here was key to McClellan's failure to win the day.

General Burnside's attack was to take place in the early morning at the same time that Hooker charged from the North Woods. Burnside hesitated. His 12,000 men were held up by only 400 tough Georgians under Gen. Robert A.Toombs.

The Burnside Bridge
The Burnside Bridge
The most famous landmark here

. Burnside's men finally got across the creek. But, just in the nick of time after a 17 mile march to the battle, Gen. A.P. Hill in his bright red shirt and his 3,000 men attacked Burnside and smashed his Corp. As night fell, the Union withdrew.

Maddie wanted some Water !!
Maddie getting a drink from Antietam Creek
She was thirsty !

Maddie's Antietam Tour


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