Antietam National Cemetery


The Bloodiest single day of the War

. Antietam was the bloodiest single day of the war. The Union lost 2,108 dead. About another 10,200 wounded or missing. The Confederates lost about 10,300 men (approx. 1/4 of Lee's Army).

Clara Barton was bending over to help a wounded soldier when a bullet clipped her dress and killed him.

Old Simon "The Private Soldier"
Old Simon Monument
Also called The Private Soldier

. Only Union dead are in this National Cemetery. The Confederate dead were taken elsewhere for burial.

Soon after the battle, President Lincoln came to visit McClellan at Antietam. He wanted him to follow and attack Lee's army. McClellan did not and was relieved from duty on Nov. 5, 1862.

Antietam Cemetery
National Cemetery Entrance

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