The Brock Road


Brock & Orange Plank Roads

May 1, 1863 (2:30pm)

. Stonewall Jackson and his Corp. reached the Brock & Orange Plank Roads.

He went up that road to the Burton Farm. From there he could see the Union line. His eyes grew with excitement. From this observation he knew he had to move his men about two more miles to get to the Union Flank.

But now time was important. He would lose valuable daylight hours to complete the maneuver.

A Creek in the Path
A typical creek crossing the marching path

. The march was organized so that the men would march at about two miles per hour. They marched 50 minutes then rested 10 miutes. This was a strick schedule to keep the 10 mile long line moving at a predictable pace. Stonewall also ordered an absolute silence.

Maddie's Chancellorsville Tour


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