Maddie goes to Washington, D.C.

December 1997

Maddie travels to Washington, D.C.

Maddie went to Washington. She stopped at the Vietnam Wall, the White House, and the Capitol.

Maddie at the Vietnam Wall. The Park Ranger told us she could not walk along the wall. So, we took our picture from a distance.

  • Visit - Vietnam Wall
  • Vietnam Wall

    Maddie is trying to get into the White House. The Secret Service agents wouldn't let her in. I even told them that it was Maddie the Mad Dog--they didn't care. We e-mailed President Clinton, but that didn't help us get in !!

  • Visit - The White House
  • The White House

    Maddie was looking for the Republicans & Democrats. She wanted to show them how dog politics work.

    Maddie wants better dog laws. Like stopping the puppy mills.

  • Visit - The Senate
  • Visit - The House
  • Maddie at the Capitol

    More Pictures of Washington, D.C.

  • The Capitol
  • Two kids on the Mall
  • Fort Myers in Arlington, VA
  • Vietnam Memorial Sculpture
  • Lincoln Memorial

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