The Sunken Road


Bloody Lane (9:30am-1:00pm)

. What can I say about this area. It is impossible to describe the feeling we got walking this ground.

General D.H. Hill's single grey line took on General Richardson's Blue. The Confederates waited until the last moment to open fire from the sunken road. The Irish Brigade fought bravely here.

Union Gen. Richardson was killed. Confederate Gen. John Gordon was shot in the face and survived.

Maddie at the Sunken Road
The Sunken Road
(Walking here, we felt the spirit)

. For nearly four hours the fighting went on. Wave after wave of Blue was shot down as they attempted to take this road.

Then a Confederate error allowed the Bluecoats to rush in the lane and they slaughtered the Greys.

It was said that at days-end you could walk across the lane on dead bodies never touching the ground.

Maddie in the Sunken Road
Maddie in the Sunken Road
A must stop at Antietam

Maddie's Antietam Tour


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