The Last Meeting


Robert E. Lee & Thomas "Stonewall Jackson

May 1, 1863 (evening)

. This is the spot where Gen. Lee and Gen. Jackson met to plan for the famous Stonewall Jackson Flanking Movement.

They sat on a small wooden box next to a campfire and talked things over. (I wish I was there)

They divided their smaller army in the face of a superior force. Stonewall took his men on a 14 mile march completely around the Union's left side.

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The Last Meeting
The Last Meeting
Maddie wants to met the Generals

. Gen. Lee had 45,000 men. Hooker 70,000 men. Lee already split men off to protect Fredricksburg. Now he was going to divide his army a second time. Stonewall took his whole Corp. of 32,000 men for his maneuver and left Lee with about 13,000. Lee was facing Hooker with only a few men to protect his command. Stonewall started on his march at 4:00am May2, 1863.

High Risk but for a possible great reward...This was the Genuis of these two men.

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