The Union Flank


The Storm Breaks

May 2, 1863 (approx. 5:15pm)

. It was not easy for 32,000 men to get into battle formation in the thick woods of the Wilderness. It took precious time. Finally about 5:00pm they were ready.

The overall length of the Confederate line was about two miles. They were three deep. First, Rodes' Division, then Colston's Division, and lastly, A.P. Hill's Division.

They completely enveloped the Union Line from side to side ready to hit them broadside.

Union Flank
The Union's Left Flank - (XI Corp.)

. The Union XI Corp. was sitting down to start dinner when suddenly out of the woods came running deer, rabbits, squirrels, quail and other game flying wildly in extreme terror. Right behind them was the whole of Stonewall Jackson's Corp. The Whirlwind of battle started. They rolled over the union troops gaining momentum. The Union soldiers ran back toward Chancellorsville. The Union was not able to make a stand until about 6:30pm. Darkness was falling when the Second &Third Corp. along with the 8th Pennsylvania Cavalry held. At Hazel Grove 22 cannon let out a volley of Canister (buckshot) that completely wiped out a large Confederate force. The charge was halted.

Maddie's Chancellorsville Tour


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